PPC & Paid Advertising


Google banned paid ads on their Google Ads / Adwords platform a while ago. This was extremely disruptive to many agencies that relied on the channel to acquire customers. We took the hit too as we managed A LOT of adspend.

This of course has made SEO the most important channel for agencies. Agencies have many other options however when it comes to pay per click marketing and we manage campaigns in Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, and more to ensure a steady drip of leads from these important sources.

Expert Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising that drives traffic to your website and maximizes ROI

Not running a campaign, or not getting the return you expected out of your PPC campaign? You are not alone. The truth is that while many people use PPC to generate website traffic, most do not understand the intricate details of effective PPC management optimize these important advertising dollars.

Rank Bail will help you:

PPC is a vital part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). It is an online advertising model that is used to drive traffic to your website through ads that typically appear with search engine results. Ads are created based on targeted keywords and you pay only when the ad is clicked on by a user ” hence Pay-Per-Click.

Large enterprises, mid-size and small businesses alike require a PPC management strategy that is run by proactive SEM experts that monitor ad campaigns regularly to optimize results and provide analysis and reporting that is insightful and easy to understand. At Rank Bail, we do all of this and more.

Pay-Per-Click Services & Products

Bing, Yahoo, & Yelp

Google AdWords wasn’t the only medium for pay per click advertising. Bing Ads, Yahoo, and Yelp can also be a highly lucrative avenue. We will help you create, implement and manage your these accounts and campaigns.

Display Advertising

Online display advertising helps you better target your audience on the websites, blogs and social media sites they frequently visit. We will help you get your message directly in front of the audience you’re seeking over a variety of targeted channels.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media ads help to create brand awareness, drive fan growth, build authority and more. We will create and test multiple advertisements, identify the best performing ads and optimize them for maximum ROI.


Remarketing lets you show ads to individuals who have previously visited your website via tagging pages that correspond with particular categories or services you want to promote. We will help you stay engaged with your target audience by offering them highly relevant ads and offers as they browse the web.

Product Listings Ads (PLAs)

PLAs are search ads that include more comprehensive information about certain products, including product images, prices, and vendor name ” without requiring additional keywords or ad text. We will create, implement and manage your PLAs to increase your search visibility and maximize your ROI.

The Advantage of Pay-Per-Click with Rank Bail

Increase Traffic

Get an instant increase of high quality traffic to your website, and see the increase in ROI.

Better Organic SEO

Increase organic SEO click through rates with a pay-per-click strategy implemented by our team.

We Manage & Implement

We handle all implementation and management – you reap the benefits without the stress.

Improve Traffic

Improve the amount of targeted, high-quality traffic to your website over time with a PPC strategy.

Integrate Seamlessly

Supplement organic search and seamlessly integrate PPC into your current SEO strategy

Ongoing Research

Rank Bail performs ongoing research on paid search in each city in the USA to improve results.

See Where you STand

Get a free rank scan of your site and get a detailed report of where you stand.