What is a Rank Scan?

Customers are searching for you. Make sure they can find you!
The report is a peek into what your bail business looks like online and how the search engines and your customers see you. Find out the answers to these questions:
Bail bond marketing and bail bond advertising ideas

Is your business listing accurate where it counts?

How do customers feel about your business?

What sites
should your business be on?

How do you compare with industry standards?

Are your social media accounts effective?

How do you stack up against your competition?

How are you appearing in the search engines?

Get all this and more just by
inputting your business information!

What You'll Get:

All this will give you a deep understanding of how you rank online. Just enter your info above and get ranked.

Listing Aggregation Scan

The automated Rank Scan will give you a summary of your online presence and aggregates data from 100s of online resources. This allows you to identify areas of improvement! Armed with this information, we can concentrate on filling in gaps and prioritizing weak areas in your business.

Industry Benchmarks

Rank Scan will also run your business against industry averages so we can get meaningful insights into how your bail agency is doing against the bail industry at large.

Detailed Channel Analysis

The Rank Scan will also break down performance across a variety of channels, including social media, website, search engine optimization, your reputation score, and any paid advertising you might be running.

Competitive Intelligence

Want an even deeper breakdown? We can scan and see how you stack up against direct local competitors when it comes to reviews, listings, and keyword performance.