• Stop wasting time with other “digital marketing agencies”
  • We are the ONLY one stop shop for bail agencies online
  • We know SEO, we know marketing, we know bail
  • No nonsense, no jargon, just results

We are bail marketing specialists and understand the business inside and out. Your industry is unique and standard online marketing strategies and tactics simply WON'T WORK.

We provide everything a bail bondsman needs to succeed online. Websites, SEO, digital marketing, apps, content marketing – we do it all with one goal in mind - GETTING YOUR PHONE RINGING!

Because of our background in bail and because we’re tired of all the scammers and BS’ers. We talk straight, shoot straight, and produce RESULTS.

A video about what we do

We’re sick of the hurry up and wait tactics used by most SEO agencies. Our prices are fair, our services are top-notch, and most of all: We know how the industry works, and will get you to the top in your area.

Why You Need Bail Bond SEO

Why is SEO mandatory for bail bondsman? There are thousands of people searching Google right now to get their loved ones out of jail. It’s essential for YOUR company to be at the top of those search results. We know these people are in need of help and have to make a quick decision. They will only call three bondsman before making a decision, and we want to make sure they call YOU, not the competition.

Why You Need Rank Bail

There are a ton of bad SEO companies out there. Most of you have probably even experienced bad SEO. We are tired of all the scammers, smooth talkers, and disreputable companies that don’t provide quality bail bond seo results for their clients. At RankBail, we talk straight, shoot straight, and  produce real results for our bail bondsman. If you hire a generic agency you’ll get generic results.



1. Analyze Your Site

Poor design, coding, markup, slow load time, all put a serious drain on your SEO. We should probably rebuild your site and plug the important holes. Don’t have a site? We’ll build one for you at cost, plus you can keep it forever.

2. Real Search Engine Optimization

On-page, Keywords, Back-linking, Content Optimization. We ensure that everything your site needs to succeed is built out. Then we put together a strategy for ongoing optimization to ensure you ACTUALLY rank.

3. Paid Search Marketing (PPC)

We all know Googs banned PPC Marketing, but there’s still plenty of volume on Yelp, Bing, and other search engines and directories. Plus, paid online ads are instant and generate new phone calls the same day the campaign launches!

4. Social & Reputation

Building trust is a big part of a solid marketing strategy. We set up, manage, and curate content on the top social media channels to make sure potential clients find you and that your ratings encourage them to call you.

5. Content & More

Content marketing is gaining more importance in how your site gets ranked. We provide excellent writing full of info for your searchers. Plus we reach out to your customers to ensure they review you.

6. You Contact Us

Why are you still reading through all this content? You’ve already waited long enough to see growth in your business. The only thing between you and that growth is a click or a call away. Reach out and we’ll get to work.

We've got you covered.

We’re not just a Bail Bond SEO company, we’re a full service digital agency. If you need a digital marketing service, we  provide it. If you’re looking for bail bond software check out our friends at eBail. If you don’t see it listed below, rest assured we’ve got you covered.






You Need to be at the Top

Bail bond marketing shouldn’t be confusing. You shouldn’t be overwhelmed by options. Instead, you should have a one-stop bail bond SEO agency you can rely on when you have questions or concerns about your business. We are here to get you on the map and make money. It’s that simple.


Do you have questions about how we get bail agents to the top of the search results in their area? Contact us now: We are more than happy to talk to you about your business – where you’re at, and where you want to be.