How to Come Up with Blog Ideas for Bail Bondsman

Bail Bond Blog Ideas: How To

We’ve worked with many bail bondsman over the years, and we’ve seen the passion and customer service you provide. We also understand that it can be difficult to come up with marketing ideas and blog topics so that other people can understand your passion. We’ve discussed the importance of blogging for your business as a bail bondsman. Your industry can be especially difficult to write for, however, because of the stigma Hollywood has created about the bail industry. So, how do you come up with topics that highlight the best of your work? The general public likely isn’t terribly excited about bail bonds, how do you come up with interesting blog ideas that are relevant and on-topic? Don’t despair: Here are a few ideas:

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Put yourself in your client’s shoes: What would you be interested in reading? Now, obviously you can’t go too far with this and write about car racing, entertainment, or your favorite sports team. You still need to be on-topic. But, consider the types of articles your client or their family members will be reading around the time they are arrested. They will need affirmation they can fight the charges they are now facing, and tips on what to do next in their journey through the criminal justice system.

Possible Topics:Put Yourself in Your Client's Shoes

  • “How to Choose the Best Criminal Defense Attorney”
  • “Choosing Public Defender vs. Private Lawyer”
  • “How to Explain an Arrest to Children”
  • “Bail Bond Payment Options”
  • “Common Criminal Justice Terms”

Think Geographically

Each part of the country has different laws and customs. Adding geographical keywords to your blog posts is crucial for search engine optimization. This can be easily accomplished by thinking of relevant, location-specific events or crimes in your area. Write blogs about local events or charities that align with your business’s character, and you’ll have location-specific, keyword-rich blog posts ready to go.

Possible Topics:Think Geographically

  • “DUI Checkpoints in Memphis”
  • “Local Charity Donates to Domestic Violence Abuse Victims”
  • “Jails in the Dallas Area”
  • “How Tennessee Police Officers Investigate Crime”

Use Related Topics

It can be difficult to write about bail bonds over and over again. There are only so many ways you can phrase things to keep fresh content on your site. When you’ve run out of bail bond-specific ideas, think of related fields your customers may also be searching, or that people might find interesting or relevant. Become an expert on crime statistics in your neighborhood, write about how to prevent burglaries, or how to keep a friend from driving after they’ve had alcohol. Crime-related articles can provide insight to people as well as put them in the forefront of their mind if they have a loved one who needs to be bailed out of jail.

Possible Topics:Related Topics

  • “Top 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in NYC”
  • “How to Burglar-Proof Your Home”
  • “Unlawful Arrests – Are they Common?
  • “Am I Sober Enough to Drive?”

Answer the Burning Questions

As a bail bondsman, you are well aware of the many calls you get in the middle of the night. Most people ask simple questions, with the intent to call you back in the morning. Think of those questions that get asked all the time, and focus your blog posts and social media efforts around answering these questions.

Possible Topics:Answer Burning Questions

  • “How to Find a Loved One in Jail”
  • “What to Do after a Friend has Been Arrested|
  • “What are My Rights after being Arrested?”
  • “How Much are Bail Bonds?”
  • “What’s the Difference between Bail Bonds and Bail?”
  • “Why Don’t I Get My Bail Bond Money Back?”

Be the Expert

You are the expert in your industry. Be the expert when you write. Use your many years of experience and knowledge in the bail bonds industry to inform other bail bond agents and potential clients about relevant topics. Be confident!

Possible Topics:Be the Expert

  • “Why Bail Bonds are the Most Affordable Option for Getting Out of Jail”
  • “Why Exercising Your Right to Remain Silent is Crucial”
  • “Why a Bail Agent is Your Best Friend in Jail”

Add a Bit of Humor or Inspiration

Add Some HumorNo one likes to be serious all the time. While it can be difficult to find the humor in the bail bond industry and/or the criminal justice system, look for opportunities to lighten up your writing. Occasionally, there are particularly humorous arrest or crime stories. Write about your perspective and tie in some information about bail bonds in that particular scenario. Additionally, your clients likely would like some hope or inspiration in their life at this moment. Share a quote or share a story from your work that would provide hope and insight. Humanizing your business is an important part of building trust with your customers.

In Conclusion

When writing blogs for your site, the most important thing is to enjoy what you write about. Your passion for your work will be apparent, and people will remember you when they need a bail bondsman. We hope this blog has provided some ideas and inspiration to boost your blogging!

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